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About us


The Evolution of Biogas Systems group unites a number of ecological companies successfully functioning in the EU and CIS countries. Its core activity is to design and produce solutions for organic waste conversion. As an additional advantage technology provides biomethane, which is being used in different technological processes, as well as for heating and generation of electricity.


Ecological Projects 


We provide technologies and services for conversion of organic waste. We achieve crumbling of waste structure in order to destruct cell envelope and simplify access of our bacteria to its nutritional medium. The objective is that we need to destroy harmful pathogenic microorganisms. By doing that we perform disinfection of biological environment.


As a result instead of muddy waste waters and sewage settlers we create limpid lakes with drinking water applicable for fish breeding. Stench disappears, while thousands hectares of ground that used to be covered by manure, become fertile land, which is optimal for any sort of agriculture. The eychornia that we grow, serves as a rich protein additive to livestock husbandry food. Warm water after biocomplex is a perfect heater for all kinds of facilities and lighthouses. Production cycles become closed and free of waste. Future of the Earth is in Green Technologies!